Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rapid Hacker 3.7 Final Edition

RapidHacker 3.7 Final Version is the latest and most stable version available. It allows the user to download any content on Rapidshare without the long wait or slow speeds of a free user. Best of all, there are no limits to how many one can download per day.

What is RapidHacker?
Rapidhacker acts as a proxy for the user to get the content that they want and when they demand it. With this, you are connecting from a verified Premium Rapidshare account holder that will then send you back data on one of the high speed 1000 mbps servers. The server is rated at 98.9% uptime and is very safe and secure.

How does this work?
Through anonymous donations from people around the world, it is now possible to provide quality Rapidshare downloads to users all across the globe. And with our secure no abuse protection, the account and password of the Rapidshare account is encrypted. That means a person cannot go in and change the password and such and keep others from using it.

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