Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beza antara Futsal & Bolasepak

#5 ball#4 ball with reduced bounce
11 players5 players
3 substitutionsUnlimited "flying" substitutions
Main referee & 2 assistant referees (linesmen) Main referee and assistant referee with nearly identical responsibility
Running clock operated by main refereeStopped clock operated by timekeeper
45-minute halves20-minute halves
-- 1 time-out per team per half
Goal kickGoal clearance (goalkeeper throw)
-- No shoulder charges or sliding tackles
-- 4-second rule on restarts
Offside rule --
Goalkeeper's steps --
Unlimited fouling5-foul limit (and "no-wall" free kick)
GK cannot touch by hand a ball kicked back to himGK cannot touch by hand *any* ball played back to him (inc. head and chest)
-- Only one backpass allowed to GK (i.e., after ball has crossed halfway-line or been touched by an opponent)
No substitution for player sent offPlayer sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes has elapsed or opponent has scored
Corner kick placed in arcCorner kick placed on corner